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Week 3 | Season 6

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Stampede, Apr 1, 2017.

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    Hello TMF! So far this season has been extremely fun and a great showing of what we need to bring for Season 7. Today we just had our Seasonal Dragon Event which was actually one of the most fun ones we have had! Congrats to all the winners below:

    Wither Boss Winners - Zakluke & Stampede2011
    Dragon Most Damage - Slasher181818
    Ender Dragon Winner - EzSteazi
    KOTH Winner - Tedi_Lord


    Monthly Crates
    We have been looking for more things to get items out the players on TMF. We decided Monthly Crates were one thing that could be amazing good. The April Monthly Crate has been released for this month and will not be purchasable after the 30th. The Monthly Crates will be available for $19.99 every month with a max purchase of 2 a month.

    Example of winnings:

    Envoy Update
    Envoys have received a Buff/Update to them which makes them more OP/removes some of the dumber items to help keep up with the changing Eco.

    Boss Update
    There will be two more tiers of bosses released slowly throughout the week. These will remain Mysterious tell they are released

    Event Server
    The event server has been released today with the Dragon Event. We hope to have constant events going on whether that be a SG, UHC or a Raid Event. We will update which events are which days on the Calendar and most likely on the Announcements section.

    Vote Reset
    All the votes have been reset for the month of april! TheRealBlueDino_ won Top Voter for March.
    Remember that the reward is a $20 Buycraft Voucher!

    Thank you all for continuing to play TMF as we work out the bugs and try to make the community happy! Please leave ANY suggestions you may have in the comments below or in the 'Suggestions' section of our forums.

    ~ Stampede.

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